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Practice Areas

Our office has extensive experience in all phases of: 

• Estate Planning (Wills, Trusts, all related planning documents)

• Probate and Estate Administration

• Guardianship and Planning for Incapacity

• Tax matters including Income Tax Preparation (both Business and Personal), State and Federal Tax Planning, IRS Collection Proceedings, Tax Liens, Tax Levies, Trust Fund Penalties, and Compromising Tax Debts.

The Law Offices of Noel W. Burns, P.A. is convieniently located just one block West of South Dixie Highway (US 1), in the Dadeland Towers South building of the Dadeland area of Miami.  The office is easily accesible from the North and South and has ample free covered parking.  Mr. Burns practices law primarily in the areas of Estate Planning, Probate, Guardianship, and Taxation.  In addition to his basic law degree (J.D.), Mr. Burns holds a Master's of Laws Graduate law degree (LL.M.) in Estate Planning from the University of Miami. 

Estate Planning - Our firm handles all phases of Estate Planning matters---from a simple will to a complex estate plan.  Estate Planning is a broad term used to describe how an individual (or family) would like to pass their wealth on to their spouse, their children, and anyone else to whom they would like to provide for upon their passing.  Our goal is to properly plan for the distribution of an individual's property at his or her death, taking into account wills, taxes, insurance, property, and trusts so as to gain maximum benefit of all laws and, at the same time, carrying out the person's wishes. Estate Planning may include the use of wills, testamentary trusts, revocable inter vivos trusts, life insurance, and other estate and tax planning documents.

Probate & Estate Administration - Our firm handles Probate and Estate Administration.  Probate is the legal process by which a person's debts are paid and assets are distributed upon her or his death. Lawyers refer to the entity that owns the deceased's assets until those assets are distributed as an "estate."  Estate Administration includes the probate process as well as non-probate transfers of the deceased's assets.  The process, generally, includes collecting and valuing the assets of the decedent, liquidating assets, paying necessary taxes and liabilities, and distribution of property to heirs.  Individual state laws direct the probate court how to distribute the deceased's estate.  State laws and procedures vary greatly, so, it is important to consult a firm with experience in this area of the law to ensure that the deceased's assets are distributed correctly, according to Florida law.

Guardianship Administration - Our firm has extensive experience in all aspects of Florida Guardianship law including proceedings for the determination of incapacity, appointment of a guardian, restoration of rights, as well as representation of persons who are alleged to be incapacitated. This area of our practice also includes Planning for Incapacity to avoid the need for guardianship through the use of durable powers of attorney, living wills, health care surrogate designations, pre-need guardian declarations, and living trusts.

Taxation - The firm is experienced in all forms of federal and state tax controversies, including IRS collections, liens, levies, and tax litigation.  We handle both business and personal tax issues.  After an initial evaluation of your situation, we will recommend what is right for you.  Whether you need to have  an IRS lien or levy released, submit an Offer in Compromise to settle your tax debt for a lesser amount, enter into an Installment Agreement to pay off your tax debt in full over time, or if you disagree with the IRS' determination of your tax due and need to litigate the issue before the U.S. Tax Court, we are experienced in these issues and are ready to help you in a quick and efficient manner.